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The Gen Bridge

14 Front Street, Hastings

The Salvage Life


Salvaged Wood Art

While restoring our home in Whitby (built in 1856), we discovered old lath and plaster walls beneath the drywall (together with multiple layers of really cool wallpaper). We carefully removed the wood slats (lath) and saved it because 
I wanted to create something special with it one day (salvaging is a habit of mine,
I keep everything and store it for later when inspiration strikes).

Years later I decided to create a stylized Union Jack for my husband for his birthday with the lath. He was thrilled with it and I loved making it so much that I kept on creating what I call Salvaged Wood Art.

I love that each piece of lath adds its own colour, texture, and character, resulting in a rustic, one-of-a-kind piece every time. Over the past few years I have been lucky to salvage lath from multiple century homes in my hometown and now have so much gorgeous old wood to work with. My purpose is to share creative salvage ideas and create Art with History.

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