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Oil Painting


55 Autumn Road, Warkworth


A Travel-Inspired Artist from Warkworth


Geoffrey Lessard, is an artist whose passion for travel deeply influences his art. While he is currently focused on the lush textures of oil painting, his artistic journey has also embraced the vibrant clarity of acrylics and the translucence of glass.


His artwork, as seen in the provided images, displays a mastery of color and a keen eye for detail. From the serene reflections of a winter landscape to the dynamic hues of a seaside at dusk, Geoffrey's paintings invite viewers on a visual journey to diverse and captivating destinations.


As a participant in the Apple Route Studio Tour, Geoffrey presents a collection of his latest works, offering a window into the natural splendor that inspires him. His paintings are not just art; they are experiences, beckoning the viewer to explore the world through his eyes.


Geoffrey Lessard's art is a testament to the power of travel and nature in stirring the human spirit, and his canvases are an open invitation to embark on a journey of discovery and wonder.

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