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Mixed Metal Gemstone Jewelry


Firing Time

28 Main Street, Brighton

Little Magpie jewellery


Audrey is in awe of the natural world…its colours, patterns, textures — even its ‘flaws’. Her work strives to convey the beauty she sees in nature. Sterling silver, copper & gemstones are her materials of choice. Etching, forging, milling and fabricating are her favoured techniques.


If Audrey isn't in her studio playing with fire and sharp things you can be sure to find her in the kitchen or vegetable patch… or hitting the nature trails.

She is a firm believer in holistic health (and sound science, too!) and strives for a balanced approach in all matters of the head and heart. Additionally, Audrey is no stranger to loud music, vintage Bugs Bunny and ALWAYS up for a good laugh.

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