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Grand Prize:
$200 towards the purchase of Artwork from one of our incredible artists 

Gallery Gallop Prizes

the more stops you hit, The greater your chances!
Thank you to our incredible sponsors for your generous donations and your support of the arts and artists in the community.   

$50 Gift Card from K'Okay Cafe, Warkworth

$50 Gift Card from 39 Main Street, Warkworth
Gift Basket from Northumberland Fine Foods, Brighton
Gift Basket from Centre and Main Chocolate, Warkworth
$100 Gift Card for Pomona Restaurant, Colborne


Gift Certificate from Captains Table, Hastings 
Gift Basket from Porch Dog Coffee, Warkworth


Gift certificate for 2 blue and black Hastings tuxedos from The General at Mill Pond - Hastings (approximate value $100)

$200 Gift Certificate towards the purchase of artwork from any of our Artists

Vera Litynsky

Gallery Gallop Giveaway  Rules


1. Collecting Ballots:

   - As a patron of the Apple Route Studio Tour, you are eligible to participate in the Gallery Gallop Giveaway Raffle.

   - To enter, simply visit any of the studios or gold sponsor locations listed on the tour map during the event on June 22-23

   - At each location, request a raffle ballot from the artist or designated representative.


2. Eligible Locations:

   - Only studios and gold sponsors featured on tour brochure and Toureka! app map are participating in the giveaway.
Make sure to visit as many as you can to increase your chances of winning!


3. Filling Out Ballots:

   - Clearly write your full name and contact information on each ballet. Incomplete or illegible ballots cannot be entered into the raffle.


4. Submitting Ballots:

   - Drop your completed ballots into the designated raffle boxes found at each location.


5. Number of Entries:

   - You will receive one ballet per location visited. There is no limit to the number of locations you can visit, so the more
places you explore, the greater your chances of winning!


6. The Draw:

   - The raffle draw will take place after the tour has concluded. Winners will be selected at random from all the collected ballots.


7. Prize Collection:

   - Winners will be contacted using the information provided on their ballots.

   - Prizes must be claimed within a specified period, or a new winner will be chosen.


8. Additional Rules:

   - Participants must be of legal age to enter.


We wish you the best of luck and a delightful journey through the creativity and craftsmanship on display along the Apple Route Studio Tour! Enjoy collecting your ballots and the chance to win wonderful prizes!

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